About Us

Audiotype has been providing transcription services throughout Australia and internationally for 20 years.
There are several factors which set us apart from other transcribers.
We have experience and expertise in a range of specialist areas. We are, for example, one of a very small number of transcription businesses which specialises in transcribing raw footage for documentaries and produce post-production transcripts.

Our technology allows seamless interaction with clients throughout Australia and the English-speaking world. With a couple of clicks you can quickly and securely load up your video or audio files in a wide variety of formats. Our technology similarly allows fast and secure return of your transcripts in whatever format you request.
We have flexible turnaround times which are designed to meet your needs. If you need 24-hour turnaround* we can accommodate that, or if you’re not in a hurry pay a cheaper rate and have it back in a week or two, the choice is yours.
Our competitive prices are based on audio minutes that are to be transcribed rather than per line rates. This means we are focussed on fast and accurate transcription of what you are needing us to transcribe.
We are able to quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video from a whole range of situations such as:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Multi-speaker interviews
  • Court transcripts
  • Police transcripts
  • Focus groups
  • University projects
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Presentations
  • Research projects
  • Anything you need

Audiotype is also an advocate for equal access to information for the Deaf and hearing-impaired community. By providing the spoken word in a written form you can expand your business to better serve more clients and create greater inclusion in the business, education and media sectors.
To find out how we can meet your transcription needs, please fill in our enquiry form or contact us.

*Audio minute limits apply to urgent and 1-2 day turnaround.

To find out how we can meet your transcription needs, please see our “How we can help you” page.

Whatever your need and wherever you are, please contact us on: 0425 236 653

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