Focus Group Researchers

The discussions of a focus group can be very difficult for amateurs to transcribe given the number of different voices in the room and the fact that speakers often cut over each other.

Audiotype, however, has many years of experience in dealing with the difficulties in focus group transcription. We do need to note, however, that if adequate recording facilities are not used, then even the experts at Audiotype will have difficulties in accurately transcribing the discussions.

For this reason, we encourage focus group convenors to contact us prior to your focus group occurring so that we can have input into the initial recording of the focus group. This will enable godd quality input to our transcription work.

Audiotype’s flexible transcription services are designed to meet our individual client’s needs. For example:

  • We can transcribe media in a wide variety of formats;
  • You can deliver this media to us either by our fast, secure and user-friendly web upload service or by post or courier; and
  • We can turnaround the transcripts in the timeframe that you require them, whether than is a few hours, 24 hours or longer.

If you need your focus group discussions transcribed, please contact us.

Whatever your need and wherever you are, please contact us on: 0425 236 653

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