Real time transcription

While most of transcription work involves transcribing video or audio files, our team of experienced stenographers are also available to do real time transcription.

Computer-assisted real-time transcription involves a shorthand typist, using a stenography machine linked up to a notebook computer, transcribing words as they are spoken.

This is useful in two particular contexts:

  • When immediate access to a transcript is required. This may occur, for example, where conference participants need access to a transcript from a just-completed session or for a television production which is being pre-recorded shortly before broadcast; or
  • When hearing-impaired people need instant access to what is being said by others. There are many corporate, legal or civic occasions where hearing-impaired participants require such access to enable involvement.

Whatever your need, you can be confident that Audiotype has the stenography skills and technology to reliably transcribe your proceedings in real time.

Please contact us to find out more about how our real-time transcription service can benefit you.

Whatever your need and wherever you are, please contact us on: 0425 236 653

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